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Down the Mountain

This weekend my wife and I were incredibly blessed by being able to attend this year’s Linger Conference. Shane and Shane, Bethany Dillon, and several other talented lead worshipers stirred our affections for Christ through music and spoken word. Matt Chandler, JR Vassar, and several other pastors and phenomenal communicators preached the gospel from the Psalms lighting a fire that had all but diminished in my life over the past couple years of whirlwind changes, albeit very good changes.
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Study, Abide, Linger

It feels like forever since I’ve written consistently. Forever since I’ve had the time to sit down and be alone with God, filling my mind with thoughts about him and pouring my affections out onto paper. Sometimes I question whether blogging was just a phase I went through, and if it’s time to put the digital pen down and walk away. I often wonder if it was a seasonal thing. It’s always about the time that I resolve to accept this that the itch comes back, that twitching of the fingers. That soul-stirring compulsion. That realization that writing isn’t something seasonal and is more than a phase. That writing isn’t about writing at all, but is rather an overflow of what God has been doing in my heart and mind.
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