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Beauty, Gender Roles, and Freedom

So, I have this friend who has recently lost a lot of weight. When I commented on how good she looks now, she said she didn’t see it. Being the loving, encouraging friend that I am, I told her to go look in the mirror. Then she said that her whole life her mom told her that “there’s always something to make better.” Now, I don’t think that her mom was being cruel or malicious in any way. I think that, as a cosmetologist, she just had a hard time leaving work at work. She gets paid to help people look their best, and it’s hard to shut that off when you go home. I mean, it’s hard for all of us to leave work at work. I spent most of my life doing technical support where I pointed out problems and offered solutions. That’s great at work, but sometimes it can be very annoying around my friends and family. However, I think this illustrates a concept that has been so driven into our culture that we barely even notice what it does to us anymore.

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Taking Steps

Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to walk through a season of repentance and reconciliation through my church’s STEPS ministry. I don’t know what all this will entail, but I know it involves doing an inventory on the past…and that terrifies me. As I was thinking about it, against my will, on the way to work this morning, this story came to mind. I don’t consider myself that great of a writer when it comes to telling stories, but this is one I felt I had to share. It isn’t Wednesday, but this is definitely life: unmasked.
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Live Sent: Some Reflections

One of the books I’ve been reading lately is Jason Dukes’ new book, Live Sent:You Are a Letter. I’ll be doing a more detailed review of the whole book later, but several things struck a chord that I felt I needed to go ahead and share over the next couple of posts. Don’t worry, I won’t ruin the book for you 🙂 Continue reading

Sex, Lies, and The Gospel

I remember hearing many sermons, teachings, and lectures about sex as I was growing up.  Whether it be at church, at home, or in school, this topic was covered by more people than I could possibly imagine while I was in high school.  I’m not saying that this shouldn’t be the case, my concern is what I remember hearing.

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