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Why Do We Confess Sin?

Whether you’ve grown up going to church in the buckle of the Bible Belt, are new to the Christian faith, or have simply been around church for any length of time, either you or someone you know has asked the question “Why do we need to confess our sin?”. Some may phrase it “Why do we need to ask forgiveness for sins when Christ already paid the price on the cross for all sins; past, present, and future?” Is this like an ATM type of thing, where the money is there, but we don’t get the cash until we swipe the card and withdraw from an unlimited supply of grace? Is confession something we have to do to get God to apply His grace to our lives?

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The Sovereignty of God in our Suffering

When we think about suffering, we are prone to think about how bad it feels, to become inward focused, to ask “Why me?”. When we actually experience suffering, we flesh out the values that we really hold to be true: whether we really believe that God is of first importance, or if we naively believe that the world should revolve around us. We rarely ever stop to think about anything outside of ourselves. We often don’t stop to realize there’s a bigger picture, and a purpose behind the pain.

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