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God is Bigger than Theology

I was talking with a friend the other day about Theology and life and giving grace for those who differ in Theological beliefs and it struck me that I’m somewhat of a paradox. I grew up in the Charismatic denomination until I was 19, then God moved me into the Baptist world where I was introduced to Reformed Theology. At first, I railed against it, but one day God just broke through my heart and stubbornness and showed me the beauty of His sovereignty in election. So, Theologically, I line up more with Calvinism than the Charismatic roots I grew up with. Yet, when it comes to prayer, as my friend Mike says, “I’m more Pentecostal than I think.” So, I’m this weird collaboration of Pentecostal fervor in prayer and Reformed Theology in how I think about God and understand Scripture. So, I guess I’m a Reformed Pentecostal. Then I thought, though not a perfect picture, maybe that’s more how the Church really is supposed to look.
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