Social Justice: Being Good Stewards

Over the past few years in my previous church’s young adult ministry the sermons and other messages have been focused on social justice. The idea that the church should actually be the church as presented in Acts 2:42-47 by reaching out to those who are less fortunate: the homeless, third world countries who don’t even have clean water, victims of sexual abuse and/or sex trafficking, etc.

Tragically, many of us, myself included, are content to simply give our 10% tithe and leave it at that, as if tithing were simply a check box on a to-do list. Most of us treat the 10% tithe as a ceiling we aspire to reach, rather than the floor we start on. The issue isn’t a specific number or a percentage, but rather the heart behind it, and whether we are giving sacrificially and generously.

I became really convicted of this while listening to Mark Driscoll’s message, Stewardship: God Gives, which is part of his series on Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe.

The main thing that I became convicted of is not just that we should be giving more, but being intentional in where we give. Meaning that we should not just give more to our home church, which we definitely should if that’s where God leads, but that we should also give intentionally to specific organizations that address the social justice issues mentioned earlier.

In light of that, over the next few weeks, as we move into the Christmas season, I’ll be posting more blogs about organizations that address some of the issues I mentioned earlier, and explain how we can do more to support some of these organizations.

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