Must Reads 04-05-2013

As a blogger and one who attempts to be a Christian thinker, I read a lot of blogs. Some of them are inside the Reformed circles, and others are in a variety of other Theological categories, but they all try to make much of Christ. These are a few that I felt particularly challenged or encouraged by.

  • Hannah Anderson writes at Sometimes a Light and urges women to pursue really being the image of God, and not settling for letting womanhood be and end in itself
  • Jenny LaBahn writes for Single Roots on turning to Christ for hope and identity in the middle of a culture where finding solid, Godly single men in the church is rare.
  • Marshall Segall at Desiring God writes about being Single, Satisfied, and Sent
  • Dr. Russell Moore, president elect of the Southern Baptist Convention ERLC, was interviewed on C-SPAN | Washington Journal. His approach is winsome and his answers show wisdom and grace.
  • Amber Haines writes for A Deeper Church about the need to rest and Sabbath and take care of one’s self.
  • Lore Ferguson gives us a heartfelt response to being hurt and crushed over at Sayable
  • Last, but not least, Tim Challies writes about When Josh Harris Slapped Me Across the Face

Happy reading, guys! It’s well worth the time to read through each of these. And to follow them on Twitter and add them to your RSS feed.

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  1. That’s a great list! Thanks for sharing it

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