Living Sent

This post is no less than a shameless plug for one of my friends, Ashley Sellars, who is going on a missions trip in a few weeks. Ashley will be leaving in January for a 6-12 month trip (or possibly longer) in Danja, Niger to “serve [as a nurse] and help the ladies who are suffering with Obstetric Fistulas” at a new hospital recently built by The Worldwide Fistula Fund.

From Ashley’s support letter:

At least 2 million women are living with a fistula in developing countries, with up to 100,000 new cases occurring each year ( Fistulas are a huge problem in West Africa. This problem affects these ladies not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Because of this, I am excited to serve for a longer time [than her previous trips]. My hope is to help these women heal physically and spiritually while making Christ’s name known.

A while back, I wrote about my thoughts on Living Sent. The idea of living incarnationally among a group of people, preaching the gospel through words and action while building relationships.

I love that this is happening right after Advent, the season we celebrate our Lord Jesus stepping down from Heaven and becoming a baby, leaving all that He had the right to cling to, and living among us as one of us to serve, help, and ultimately save us. Ashley is imitating Christ in this way, leaving the comforts and security she finds in America to go live among the poorest of the poor to help and serve them.

It is my joy to see my friend and sister in Christ step up and Live Sent. It is also my joy to ask you to pray about supporting her.

When you search for her, enter the following information:
First Name: Ashley
Last Name: Sellars
Missionary ID: 37602

You can read more about Ashley at her blog. You can also email Ashley if you have more questions about Worldwide Fistula Fund, SIM, VVF surgeries, or anything else.

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