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Last week I wrote about how reformed female bloggers have a rough time gaining credence from their male counterparts. First, I want to point out that Jared Wilson at The Gospel Coalition has one of my friends blogs highlighted on his blog to help provide another female voice to Complementarianism in conjunction with Kathy Keller’s review of Rachel Held Evans’ latest book. For this, I am very grateful. Not only to see a friend get some well-deserved promotion, but also for the Biblical truth behind the words.

Second, I wanted to share part of that blog with you as well, because it’s just that good. That, and I try to practice what I preach when I see such amazing opportunities:

I may be a complementarian, but I dole out my respect sparingly enough. I do not believe that every woman needs to submit to every man and I do not believe that every man can righteously wield power over me with wisdom or criticism.

I believe that every practical act of ours on earth ought to be a reflection of what happens in the Kingdom. It seems clear that the Trinity beautifully displays a threefold relationship I’m happy to take my part in as helper—equal, but distinct.

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