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“Gays Are Nazis”: A Response From Bryan Fischer

Last week, I posted a blog addressing a protest to Governor Perry’s prayer rally. In this post, I expressed my feelings regarding Bryan Fischer’s comment “Gays are Nazis”. I was so crushed by this, because I feel that many people will take this to be the stance of most Christians, that I felt it necessary to write the AFA about Fischer’s comment. The conversation is below (sorry for the incredible length).

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Weekend Reflections

A few months ago, Bill Seal, one of our elders at The Village and a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. Much like our lead pastor, Matt Chandler, it was a brain tumor. From what I’ve been told, the difference between Chandler’s tumor and Bill’s is that Bill’s was on a different side of his brain. I forgot all of the details as to why, but this was apparently even more critical than Chandler’s because of the location, and Bill is 67 where Chandler is much younger.

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