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Ephesians 1:1-2

Ok, let’s get started…

Ephesians 1:1-2 ESV

[1] Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God,
To the saints who are in Ephesus, and are faithful in Christ Jesus:
[2] Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

As is common with the Pauline letters, Paul introduces himself as an apostle of Jesus, one specifically called by Christ, having seen the risen Lord Jesus, and who established and governed the church. Paul then makes it a point to note that he is an apostle by the “will of God” so that there is no mistake in whose decision it was for him to be an apostle, and subsequently where his authority to speak to the church comes from: his authority comes from God through Christ Jesus. Continue reading

Ephesians: The Introduction

Ok, a bit of background information. Most of it was taken from the ESV Study Bible without changes because this information is important and I didn’t want to mis-communicate the historical information, or re-invent the wheel when the ESV Study Bible explains things very well. Continue reading

Ephesians Intro

Well, guys, I’ve decided to start blogging my study of Ephesians. My purpose in this is not only to study Ephesians, but also to force myself to explain things that I would ordinarily take for granted as basic Christian beliefs.  I do want to be intentional in not skipping topics or issues that Paul mentions, but I may, at times, refer to outside sources for in depth research/study/reading, in the interest of keeping these posts as short as possible.

As is with any Bible study, Ephesians contains some very controversial issues and teachings. I do welcome all comments, and I have set the comments to be moderated so that I can make sure I see any that are posted and reply as I have the time to do so. And please, I realize that some people may not agree with what I believe the letter of Ephesians to say; let’s keep it civil though. Any derogatory comments toward myself or others who comment will be deleted to maintain the attitude of love which we should be displaying as Christians, which I want this blog to display, as best it can.

That said, here’s the outline from the ESV Study Bible that we’ll more or less be tracking with:

  1. Introduction (1:1–14)
    1. Greetings (1:1–2)
    2. Spiritual blessings in Christ (1:3–14)
  2. Paul’s Prayer of Thanksgiving (1:15–23)
  3. Salvation by Grace through Faith (2:1–10)
    1. Hopelessness and helplessness without Christ (2:1–3)
    2. Hope in Christ (2:4–10)
  4. Unity and Peace of Christ (2:11–22)
    1. Unity of Christ’s people (2:11–15)
    2. Peace with God (2:16–18)
    3. Implications of Christ’s peace (2:19–22)
  5. Revelation of the Gospel Mystery (3:1–13)
    1. Paul’s apostolic ministry (3:1–7)
    2. The mystery and wisdom (3:8–13)
  6. Paul’s Prayer for Strength and Insight (3:14–21)
  7. Unity of the Body of Christ (4:1–16)
    1. Exhortation to unity (4:1–6)
    2. The different gifts (4:7–10)
    3. The gifts for edification of the church (4:11–16)
  8. Paul’s Testimony (4:17–24)
  9. Exhortation to an Edifying Lifestyle (4:25–32)
  10. New Life in Love (5:1–20)
    1. Exhortation to self-sacrificial love (5:1–2)
    2. Instruction in holy living (5:3–20)
  11. Submission to One Another (5:21–6:9)
    1. Submission in general (5:21)
    2. Wives and husbands (5:22–33)
    3. Children and parents (6:1–4)
    4. Slaves and masters (6:5–9)
  12. The Whole Armor of God (6:10–20)
    1. The Lord’s strength (6:10–13)
    2. Standing firm (6:14–17)
    3. Being constant in prayer (6:18–20)
  13. Conclusion (6:21–24)