All Good Things

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, or even read anything for that matter. I was really committed to posting daily, and did so for about a month or more. Then I felt the weight of that commitment. I felt the work behind it get to me. Not just the work to sit down and write after already spending eight hours at my real job, though that was definitely part of it. I felt myself reaching for words where it seemed like there were none, just so I could write every day, instead of really seeking and searching out what/if I should write. And more than that, I felt the weight of reality. I tangibly felt the pressure of preaching a much better gospel than I was capable of living.

I realize that this is the case for even the best of Christians, and possibly moreso for those who are involved in vocational ministry. Yet, somehow I couldn’t escape the burden this created. So, rather than leaning on Christ and community to help carry the weight of this, I just stopped. Rather than striving to do the work, and by that I mean trusting in grace, to keep going forward, I found myself becoming apathetic and lazy.

So, I’m sorry. The reason I’m putting all this down on a blog is because I feel that in just disappearing from the blogosphere and almost all things Twitter, that I did a disservice to those who showed me so much love and support in writing, and I don’t want to cheapen that by just picking up where I left off and pretending nothing happened. I honestly don’t know when I’ll get back into a groove of writing consistently, but whenever that is and whatever comes of this, I know it has to come from a place of authenticity for it to mean anything.

As far as the title, well, I guess that’s the geek in me coming out, because that’s the title of the last episode of Star Trek TNG. Though hopefully it won’t be the title of the last blog I write.

Grace and peace.

5 responses to “All Good Things

  1. Let your inner geek emerge! Engage.

    I can truly identify with you. I’ve been writing much less on my blog in recent months. Seems like it’s harder and harder to find time to read and write. Give it some time. Sometimes a break is needed and write as you feel led.

    • Haha, I work with a bunch of other geeks now. There’s no avoiding it!

      The reality is that I’ve spent these past months focusing on the wrong things. Giving in to idols of comfort and laziness.

  2. I really missed reading your posts. I was wondering, Hmmmm…What happened to this guy? Did he get hit by a bus?!

    Glad to know you’re ok =)

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