A Review of Christian Beliefs

What is the Bible? What is sin? What does “atonement” mean? What is God like? What is the resurrection? What is election, and why the huge controversy? What do words like sanctification, justification, and adoption actually mean? What is man? What does it even mean to become a Christian? These are just a handful of questions that every Christian asks at some point in their walk with God.

There are some fantastic books out there to help pastors and Bible college and seminary students answer these questions, such as Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. There are also books out there designed more for lay-leaders, like Mark Driscoll’s Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe. I have both of these books, and they are both great resources for the intermediate and advanced students of Theology, but what about the new Christian? What about the new small group leader who’s just getting his/her feet wet in studying Scripture and leading others in the study of God’s Word?

Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know is a book that every Christian will find helpful. This book is a condensed version of Grudem’s Systematic Theology, edited by his son, Elliot. Pages have been condensed to sentences, many of the chapters are under 10 pages, and all are under 20 pages. This book is a MUST HAVE, whether you are a new Christian wanting answers to some of the questions you have, or someone who has been a Christian for a while. Whether you are a pastor leading a church, a student, or someone simply wants a book that can clearly and succinctly explain some of the basic Christian doctrines that the church has historically confessed, Christian Beliefs will be an invaluable resource.

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