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I’ve been quiet the last few months, as my regular readers and avid Twitter followers have noticed by now. This is in part due to work picking up a bit, and my role changing to include more responsibilities. I guess one could say I’m becoming a grown up now. That’s a shocking thought, I know. But I’ve also become virtually silent because something else happened; an unexpected turn in my life’s journey, if you will.

This all started about six months ago when I wrote a blog about being Tired of Being Single over at Single Roots. It was an honest low point this past year and I knew I needed to get the negative thoughts and honestly hard words out of my system – and confront them with the gospel. I do that best in writing, so I pulled out my laptop, opened Notepad++, and started writing to myself. Given its vulnerable nature, I originally wrote it as a life: unmasked post, but when I finished it I felt it more appropriate to run on Single Roots if they wanted it.

They actually ran the post about a month after I’d written it, so I was well beyond the funk I was in at the time of its writing. I received some solid feedback and gained a few Twitter followers. I felt encouraged and pressed to keep writing and being authentic. But then something happened which I did not intend.

This girl who also goes to The Village read the blog. And liked it. She started following me on Twitter, along with several others, and I followed her back. Then we both got tired of talking in 140 characters and moved to Facebook chat. Then after three days I got tired of opening my Facebook app on my iPhone 4 every 2.5 seconds and asked if we could text instead.

Then we met in person at one of our church’s worship nights. I found myself continue to ask to spend time with her, trying to figure out what was going on here. I was definitely moving slowly toward whatever came next. Several weeks later, the penny dropped and everything became clear. That’s when I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said “Yes!”

It’s been almost five months since she and I first started talking. We have received so much support and encouragement from family and close friends that it has been unreal.

So, I’ve been focused on this new-found, very unexpected relationship over the past several months, and this is the other reason I’ve been so quiet here lately. Rather than spending time reading the pages of a book or writing thoughts out on a blog, I’ve spent time trying to read the pages of her heart and trying to build a relationship that will last with Angela.

I’m very glad I did, because a week and a half ago, four days before Christmas, I asked her to marry me.

And she said “Yes!”

So, here’s to this year being much better than last year! #cheers

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  1. Cyndi Scott

    We are so grateful to God for his answer to our prayers. I continue to pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in both of you as you begin this new phase in your life. All my love, Mom

  2. That’s so wonderful. (Although, being a twitter follower I already knew.) It’s great to hear the whole story, though. Perhaps it was allowing that vulnerability and honesty before the Lord which opened the door to this new chapter in your life. Another transformation!

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